Alex Chong

Alex Chong AFC Civil and Structural Engineering (Hons)

Affiliate Director: WealthArk Alliance

After graduated from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with 2nd upper Honors Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering in 1999, Alex joined a local contractor as a Civil Engineer that involved in construction of Building Structure and Civil Works at reclaimed area. He decided to join Insurance industry 2 years later in order to build his own career fortress. Despite his engineering background, Alex’s persistence and perseverance in this new venture were paid off with his first MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) qualification in 2008 and continue to qualify from 2012-2019. He was always invited to share his testimonial in various agencies, which inspired many practitioners. He was one of the key note speakers for the Chinese Sale Congress in 2017 for one of the largest insurance company in Singapore.   Being an Associate Financial Consultant (AFC), a member of the Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS) and Financial Services Managers Association (FSMA), Alex excel with his competency and dedicate himself by holding a role as Product Committee, which involve in product enhancement and development in the largest independent life insurance company in the Asia Pacific region.   Alex is currently a High Net Worth Financial Services Associate Director and he is working towards managing and grooming his agency to a MDRT Agency. He is now leading a team to provide quality financial services to preserve wealth and to assist clients with wealth distribution through Will and Trust.  He also dedicated himself to groom more and more financial consultants to achieve MDRT in future, which shall reflect the highest level of excellence and professionalism.