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Our Marketing Support

Professional Road Show System

It is our most established marketing channel since 2000. The system had successfully enabled our associates to generate leads consistently and producing tremendous results. Through this approach, the team had built up our team spirit, at the same time developed positive prospecting activities.

We make a commitment to organise Road Show activities for all our consultants on a   consistent basis to generate prospecting activities and mentoring experiences during such an event. What differentiates our road shows from others are that we provide a comprehensive briefing and training for all our participants before we deploy them into the road show to ensure that all our participants know how to approach and what to do during the road show to get the best result for themselves.

Professional Financial Awareness Seminar Cum Client’s Engagement Talk

We believe the best way to get good customers is to add more value. We help to organise seminar and talk which add value to prospects and our existing customers. We hope to help our consultants to acquire new customers through value added seminar and also helping those to get referrals from existing customers when existing customers bring their friends to our organised event. This has been proven to be an effective way to get good quality new customer.

Professional Relationship Marketing Automated System

It is proven that if you can remember your prospects or clients important dates like their birthday, wedding anniversary etc. and send them a personalised greeting, you will have the customer’s loyalty stayed with you longer and stronger. Getting personal and building a stronger relationship for our consultants with their prospects or/and clients are made easier with our Professional Marketing System. Imagine that you receive a personalised birthday greeting with your first name sent to you by your consultant on your birthday early in the morning; will you have a better impression of him/her? I’m sure you will.  J

Here are some of the benefits of our Professional SMS Marketing System

  • Automatically add Prospect’s preferred first name and mobile number in the Professional Marketing System and send him a Thank You SMS for getting to know each other in a networking session.
  • Automatically send a personalised greeting in all important events like Birthday, New Year, Christmas, CNY etc..
  • Broadcast a personalised message to all your prospects/clients on a time sensitive information or Offer that will add value to them.
  • Keep communication in loop with all prospects and clients 365 days round and build stronger and personal relationships with all of them
  • And Many More…


Professional Permission Leads Capturing Automated System

What if you can capture your leads’ name, mobile no and Email with PERMISSION? This can be achieved by our Permission Leads Capturing Automated System to help our consultants in Prospecting. We believe that the effective time spent by our consultants should be in seeing the prospects or their clients and helping them in their financial needs. Therefore by leveraging on technology, our consultants can work more efficiently and effectively in the business.