About Us

About WealthArk Alliance

WealthArk Alliance was formed in March 2018 by Two (2) member Districts under a reputable Financial Group in Asia. It aims to explore and integrate the strength of the group further by coming to work more closely together to create the environment, strategy and system necessary for its consultants to achieve a greater level of success together.

Armed with a Vision to create a highly successful organisation that any enthusiastic individual can associate with and a place where they can design and accomplish their success and happiness in life, WealthArk Alliance is set to be the next market leader in one of the most successful financial services organisation in Asia.


We believe in… …


The essence of success is profitable growth.
We want each and every associate
to attain financial success in the shortest possible time and
work is, thus, for enjoyment only


Our success can only be achieved more promptly
by the skill and dedication
we contribute and work as a team.
Think WE, not I.

Add Value

We are always ready to reach out and inspire
a positive difference in people’s lives
through our innovative way
of delivering our products and services


Each and every associate is committed
to do his/her best in each task undertaken.
Results can only be accelerated and multiplied
by our decisive positive action.
Let’s stretch for it.


We are sincere in each and every of our service provided and treasure every binding relationship built.We service people to trust us for life